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Jazzmin Dian Moore -  was born in Kaiserslautern, Germany, as a son to an American army officer and a German pastry chef. Currently residing in Zurich, she works as a hairdresser and make-up artist. She is also a presenter, singer, and charity lady. Most notably, in 2008, she became Miss Drag Queen Switzerland, and in October, she received the European Tolerantia Award 2016, which recognizes people or organizations that fight discrimination and prejudice-violence while promoting social responsinility. 

Jazzmin is the founder of the #iamhuman Youtube program and co-founded the Pink Nights in order to raise money for charity initiatives for other LGBT+ organizations. Every second week, on Saturday, she presents LGBT+ -related subjects on gayRadio Zurich, a project that she helped to start. 

Using social media, Jazzmin engages in social media activism within Switzerland and globally to support and strengthen the LGBT community. 




Julia Feliz - Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Julia Felizis a Hispanic American living in Switzerland with her husband and children. She is one of the rally hosts and admins behind the Solidarity for Humanity movement. Julia holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in the biological sciences, as well as two diplomas in art illustration. She is also a published author and illustrator currently working on her next book. Not one to shy away for speaking up against oppression, Julia holds an intersectional approach towards activism and hopes to continue speaking up for those that need our voice through unified efforts under the Solidarity for Humanity movement.




Tracie Max Sachs - A New Yorker at heart, born and raised on Long Island, Tracie became interested in arts and sports at an early age.  Tracie has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Washington University in St. Louis. In addition she holds a Masters degree of Fine Art from Cranbook Academy of Art, near Detroit, MI.  Along with a career in the art world of NYC, including a 13 year position at the Guggenheim Museum as a mount maker, Tracie is an accomplished athlete.  She is a 5 time World Cup Champion in Speed Skiing and is the American women’s record holder in the sport. 

Now living and working in Switzerland, Tracie is still connected to her birthplace.  Having grown up in a multicultural and openly political environment, she is concerned for her fellow Americans back home under the new administration coming into the White House.  Tracie has always been interested in political science, since she was a teenager on the political debate team.  She believes in fighting for the rights of the oppressed and will always speak up against racism, anti-Semitism, sexism and any other form of bigotry.  She is one of the administrators and rally hosts for Solidarity for Humanity. 

Tawnie Ocampo -  is an Asian American from California living abroad with her Irish wife. She is an animal rights and lgbtq rights activist. Tawnie has written a letter for us to read on her behalf about her fears under the new administration as a member of the lgbtq community and includes her message to the incoming leader.​





K. LEE W. 


Laure Julliard - Laure is an American born and raised in Switzerland, who has lived the expat experience for the last 35 years. Laure studied both Visual Arts and the Culinary Arts at PRATT and BIC, respectively. In addition, she also holds a diploma in Hotel Management. Laure is a anti-racism activist who learned organizational and fundraising skills within her time working with the Boys and Girls Club movement. Her passion for the well-being of all children was confirmed by many successes with the children of South Baltimore. Laure now continues her work with children under the Red Cross in Geneva.

With the current political climate, her main preoccupation with the new administration's programs are the wealth gap, the defunding threat to already poorly funded public schools, and the threat that immigrant families face, where American children may be separated from their immigrant parents. Continual and unaccountable police violence is also of great concern to Laure. These issues are merely a scratch on the surface of the digression that the US may face and the undoing of all the efforts done this last year to address the justice system and police/ community relations.


​CHIEF OFFICER, Muslim & Immigration Issues

Jannat Majeed -  is currently pursuing her Master of Laws degree in International Law at The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. She has a J.D. from The George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. She considers Pakistan, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. her homes.



Americans Abroad For Change

Solidarity For Humanity

CHIEF OFFICER, Environmental Issues

Johannah Bernstein -  Johanna is an international environmental lawyer, having devoted her entire professional life to advancing the cause of multilateral environmental diplomacy and advocacy. She has been involved in many of the international environment and development negotiations since 1991, as advisor to national governments, UN agencies, international NGOs and the private sector. She holds law degrees from Oxford University and Osgoode Hall Law School as well as a BA in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic.

James Beacham - is a particle physicist searching for evidence of dark matter, gravitons, quantum black holes and exotic Higgs bosons at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Beacham completed his PhD at New York University in 2014 and is currently a post-doctoral researcher with the Ohio State University, based in Geneva. He has been a guest on NPR's "Science Friday," participated in documentaries on the BBC and the Discovery Channel and talked particle physics with the New York Times and WIRED. In addition to his ongoing research, Beacham is dedicated to making particle physics accessible to all. He has communicated science to the public with Symmetry Magazine, US/LHC, the Science Museum in London, the Institute of Physics, the World Science Fair and on the Web.



Robert Powell - Born in Seattle Washington, I grew up in the projects with my my mother as family. The two of us were on our own, the best of friends in the worst of times. The Nixon/Ford era was tough on young single moms, with not much support to be had. Financially, emotionally, physically, it was tough. At the end of the day however, this hard life strengthened my resolve as a teen to do better, strive harder, learn from others and their struggles. I studied marshal arts from a young age, obtained a black belt in Mugendo and decided to join the Guardian Angels. At that time this organization was just starting, volunteer based, grass roots, and extremely challenging. I traveled to New York, LA and London at 16 to promote and educate new groups and teach free self defense courses, to a young person trying to figure out life, it was a tight group, and it felt like home. In the 1980s the drug epidemic was massive, and the Guardian Angels were there to help keep the peace amidst gang warfare using a  non combative, self defense methodology that local government welcomed. After several years, although this way of life was rewarding, I felt I had to focus on myself. I took up road cycling, raced at a semi-pro level, finished high school and went to university in computer programming, a passion I began as a young teen in school with a special youth program. I found work in the tech sector after the internet arrived. That is were I am today, in Switzerland with my wife and two daughters, an evangelist of strong minded design in Systems Architecture and Agile philosophy, I now make a difference in the world of technology.

K. Lee W. - is an American Indian Studies, masters student, Arizona State University.  A letter will be read on her behalf discussing todays role of First Nations. 



Karin Powell - is a first generation US citizen, born and raised in Seattle Washington, her mother hails from Austria, her father from Switzerland, she is a professional graphic designer, mixed media artist, world traveler and activist. Between time with career, family and artistic endeavors, she was  instrumental in the "rock to vote" west coast campaign, promoting musical, arts and political events. She lives in Switzerland now with her two daughters and husband, leaving Seattle behind 4 years ago to start a new life and explore her original heritage and roots. Taking inspiration from old world europe and blending it with new world sentimentality, her artistic style is eclectic and varied, with an immersion in different cultures as her passion.  

Mieka Strawhorn - I am a bi-racial African American born and raised in Berkeley, California. Raised by my white single mom in the 1970's and 80's, I thrived in the close-knit multicultural, nurturing and community orientated neighborhood where neighbors were family. As such the essential value of grassroots activism, compassion, empathy and generosity were instilled in me at a young age. 

I've worked all my life in various industries including publishing, bio-tech, retail and IT. A life-long lover of books, I eventually completed my B.A. in English Literature at San Francisco State University. Still unsure of a definitive career trajectory I started volunteering at my local library as an adult literacy tutor. Finally something had clicked. Passionate about literacy and wanting to be an advocate for adult education, especially for marginalized groups, I completed my MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in 2010. 

I currently live in Zurich with my husband and two cats. In February of 2016 I volunteered to work with refugees in Greece from which I gained invaluable experience and perspective. The current political rhetoric that pervades both in the US and abroad sickens me. I am most concerned with rampant blatant, latent and institutional racism, sexism and homophobia and protecting hard-won rights while fighting for rights not yet afforded.